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A tribute to the body, breasts and women.

"It all comes down to loving yourself"

ODE is a special photography project in the form of a book. With ODE we bring homage to the breast, to women and to the individual. With this project we try to change the negative connection to our breasts. Our purpose is to learn and embrace the differences and imperfections.
Most of all it’s a call for self-love, even in periods when our body doesn’t function the way we desire.
It’s an invitation to be proud of life’s traces visible on your body. Your body carries your story.

About ode

Roeltje van de Sande Bakuyzen

I started working on ODE three years ago at a time that I had little self love.
I disliked my body and neglecting it brought me satisfaction in times where my mind wasn’t strong enough to pull me out.

I started to think about how women keep measuring themselves to a certain image and how we disappoint ourselves time and time again because of it.
In the end everything starts with loving your body, embracing it in the way it is, with all her changing shapes and forms and I wanted to do something.
From that space I decided to start working on ODE. To pay an homage to the breasts, the individual and celebrate our bodies in all it’s shapes and sizes.
Self-love is the most important theme of this project.

I’ve portrayed over a 100 women for the book. I photographed solely their breast area, because I find it important that everyone is able to recognize themselves in these pictures and texts. The photographs in the book are 100% anonymous.

"An homage to the body in every shape, size and age"

How we pay homage in this book is by looking at my photo’s of all these different women accompanied by stories and poems.
Known and lesser known writers will contribute their ODE to the breast. We offered them complete creative freedom within their ODE, which will lead to the reader being surprised, moved and urged to rethink certain things.

Because of these shoots, over the course three years, I’ve gotten to know so many different special stories and the people behind the stories.
What has overcome me in the process was a big sense of togetherness amongst the people I photographed. Within the walls of my studio I’ve experienced a lot of beautiful moments.'

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Do you want to be the owner of this beautiful book and give it that special place on your coffee table or on your bookshelf? Order yours now at www.hetboekenschap.nl/ode.
With every purchase, you automatically donate €5,- to the Dutch breast cancer foundation!

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